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04/02/2016, 14:13
Art. 1 – (1) This rule lays down:a) the conditions for the implementation of the safety mechanisms set out in Chapter V of Law No. 246/2015 on the insurers’ recovery and resolution, hereinafter referred to as Law No. 246/2015;b) the categories of...
04/02/2016, 11:57
Art. 1 – This rule lays down the publication of the resolution measures where the Financial Supervisory Authority, hereinafter referred to as ASF, applies the resolution tools and exercises the resolution powers laid down in Law No. 246/2015 on the...
04/02/2016, 11:54
Art. 1 – (1) As of the entry into force of this rule, the legal person insurers authorised by the Financial Supervisory Authority in accordance with Law No. 237/2015 on the authorisation and supervision of the insurance and reinsurance business shall pay...
01/02/2016, 15:25
Art. 1 - (1) The accounting regulations, concerning the separate and consolidated annual financial statements of the entities pursuing the insurance and/or reinsurance business, laid down in the annexe*) forming an integral part of this rule, are hereby...
20/01/2016, 16:00
Art. 1. – (1) Insurance and reinsurance undertakings based within the territory of Romania, hereinafter referred to as insurers and reinsurers, shall be registered in the Registry of insurers and reinsurers.   (2) Insurance and/or reinsurance brokers...
08/12/2015, 15:57
Art. I. - Government Emergency Ordinance No. 90 of 23 December 2014 amending and supplementing Capital Market Law No. 297/2004, published in the Official Journal of Romania, Part I, No. 964 of 30 December 2014, is hereby approved as amended and...
18/12/2015, 16:18
Specific information on the marketing in Romania of units or shares issued by UCITS from other EU Member States I. Member State: Romania II. Date of issuance/last update: 18.12.2015 III. Documents/information attached to the notification letter which...
02/12/2015, 13:56
Art. I. – The introductory part of Para (4) of Art. 58 of Regulation No. 3/2013 on the authorisation and operation of central counterparties issued in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No 648/2012 of the European Parliament and of the...
01/02/2016, 14:50
Art. 1. – (1) This law lays down the legal regime governing the issuers of financial instruments and market operations concerning financial instruments admitted or which shall be admitted on a regulated market or on a multilateral trading facility or on...
25/01/2016, 12:26
 Download here the Proposals for amending Rule No. 23/2014  
30/11/-0001, 01:44
Download here the full text of the Draft Rule.
23/12/2015, 15:59
Download here the full text of the Drafts of Rules. 
18/12/2015, 13:36
Download here the full text of the Draft Regulation. 
02/12/2015, 13:23
Art. 1 – (1) The Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity in the non-banking financial field, hereinafter referred to as SAL-FIN, is established based on Government Ordinance No. 38/2015 on alternative dispute resolution between consumers and traders,...
30/11/-0001, 01:44
Art. I – The six-year deadline set out in Art. 18 of Rule No. 13/2012 on the actuarial calculation of the technical provision for the privately managed pension funds, approved by Resolution No. 23/2012 of the Private Pension System Supervisory...


ASF Contact

Address: Splaiul Independenţei  No. 15, District 5, Postal Code 050092, Bucharest, Romania
E-mail: office@asfromania.ro
Fax: (+4) 021.659.60.51 and (+4) 021.659.64.36

Registry Office Hours:

Monday to Wedneday  :   8:30 - 15:30
Thursday                    :  8:30 - 18:00
Friday                         :    8:30 - 14:30

Public working  schedule for complaints:

Monday to Wednesday:    10:00  - 17:00
Thursday:                          10.00 - 18.00                     
Friday:                               10.00  - 14.30 

 -   to receive, by phone, specialized assistance in order to file a petition                          

Any petitions/complaints shall be filed at our address: Splaiul Independenţei  No. 15, District 5, Postal Code 050092, Bucharest or 

send it via email  at office@asfromania.ro.

Telephone/Fax Numbers

For Financial Instruments and Investors Sector Telephone Numbers click here.
For Insurance-Reinsurance Sector Telephone Numbers click here.
For Private Pensions Sector Telephone Numbers click here

Media Relations: (+4) 021.659.64.64; (+4) 021.659.63.76; (+4) 021.659.62.41; comunicare@asfromania.ro

Fiscal Registration Code (CIF) of the Financial Supervisory Authority is 31588130.

Bank accounts opened with Bucharest Municipality ATCP are:

     RO60TREZ70020F365000XXXX - to pay all taxes from current activity

     RO74TREZ70020F350102XXXX - to pay fines

The Financial Supervisory Authority is a personal data operator, registered under No. 33477.