Starting with December 4th 2013 this website is no longer updated.

All information on the private pensions, insurance - reinsurance and financial sector and investment instruments are available on the Romanian Financial Authority website:

Directive 2012/23/EU

Read the Directive 2012/23/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 September 2012 amending Directive 2009/138/EC (Solvency II) as regards the date for its transposition and the date of its application, and the date of repeal of certain Directives.

In attention of insurer undertakings and brokers

The personnel designated by the insurance undertakings and brokers accountable on implementation and enforcement of legal provisions concerning the prevention and control of money laundering and terrorism financing, shall follow a specialized training in this area. Read more

Good to know

Report on the Romanian insurance market and the insurance supervision in 2012

In the Annual Report of CSA you can find analysis of specific indicators for 41 insurance companies that conducted insurance/reinsurance business, and the development of the indicators reported by 474 insurance and/or reinsurance brokers that submitted financial statements for 2012.

CSA Newsletter no.1/2013

Here you can read the full version in English of the Quarterly Newsletter no 1 - April, 2013, edited by the Insurance Supervisory Commission. Read an interview with Mr. Gabriel Bernardino, Chairman of EIOPA. The Newsletter contains the latest information regarding insurance market, insurance market supervision and control, as well as the evolution of the MTPL market in 2012. Read more

Romanian Insurance Market in Q1 2013

Here you can find the centralized data for the Romanian insurance market in Q1 of 2013, on the bases of the reports submitted to Financial Supervisory Authority by the authorized insurance undertakings and insurance brokers.

Telverde Dialoque CSA

The consumers of insurance products and services have the possibility to call, free of charge, number +40-8008-25627 in order to receive specialized phone assistance for drafting a complaint. NOTE: it is not possible for the complaints to be registered using this phone! The complaints can only be formulated in written form, submitted and registered at CSA only by post, e-mail or directly by completing the online form on the website.


Free training!

Soon there will be available free training courses within the “National Programme for training insurance specialists and insurance intermediaries”. More details on

CEDAM database


The Insurance Supervisory Commission offers a database of motor third party liability insurance (MTPL) concluded in Romania – CEDAM. 

In this database can be verified the validity of a MTPL (RCA) insurance policy at some time and viewed the insurance company issuing the policy. 

The responsibility for the accuracy of the data in CEDAM database rests solely to the insurance undertakings that conclude RCA insurance policies and transmit this data to the database.   

Click on photo to access the search interface in CEDAM database.